Chin Strap


* VERTICAL LIFT: Lifts from under jaw to produce vertical force. (Unlike standard neoprene devices which wrap around the tip of the chin and push directly into the jaw joint.) 

Vertical force works with the natural rotation of the jaw, so minimum force is needed.

* DUAL BANDS: Non-elastic blue band prevents the jaw from lower- ing. Elastic white band produces a upwards force. Patent pend- ing dual band design further mini- mizes required force force. gentle 

* EFFECTIVE AND COMFORTABLE: Light, breathable three-layer construction. Full cap style keeps the bands snug. Rear size strap allows you to adjust size for the perfect fit.

* GET A GREAT NIGHT’S SLEEP! Get that restful restorative night's sleep that you and your partner have been longing for and is so necessary for happy, healthy daily life.

Snugly attach the non-elastic blue “snugger” strap. Prevents jaw from lowering.

Add gentle upwards force with the elastic white “hugger” strap. Keeps teeth in light contact.

Non-linear DUAL BAND force curve keeps jaw in the sweet spot for a great night’s sleep!

I must say it worked better than anything else I have tried ...

- Jerry V.

It works much better than any chin strap I've tried and comfortably holds my mouth closed.

-Ben Nichols

The Dual Band is a very good chin strap that's more comfortable and functional than "traditional" chin straps.

- Ian L., Australia
Anti Snoring DUAL BAND Chin Strap

Knightsbridge's revolutionary patent-pending DUAL BAND/Vertical Lift design provides the most effective and comfortable anti snoring chin strap on the market today. Get a great night's sleep!