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Unrivaled comfort

Designed to provide unrivaled comfort, the innovative Dual Band Chin Strap minimizes traditional chinstrap tension while still delivering a supportive fit. Using two bands that sit below your jaw, the Dual Band Chin Strap gives the perfect amount of vertical lift for a more restful night. The dual band design gives you the hold you're looking for without the traditional chin strap discomfort.                      

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This chin strap is amazing.

I wanted to report back that this chinstrap (more of a jaw support really) is amazing. I used it for the first time last night. I couldn’t even tell I had it on, and I’m hopeful that when I switch to the nasal pillow mask, it will help keep that in place better. More importantly, it actually kept my mouth closed, which no other chinstrap has done because the force is always pulling my jaw backwards, which is the exact opposite of what I want to happen.

Tarah, Preferred Member, Apneaboard.com


This chin strap works!

I have been using a CPAP for years, mainly to stop severe snoring.  I did not want to attempt a surgical fix and my doctor suggested, after a sleep study, to use the CPAP as a fix.  That works, for sure, but is cumbersome and expensive.  I have tried many fixes for snoring over the years, and they all do something, but not much.  I tried this Dual Band on a whim and I must say it worked better than anything else I have tried.  It is comfortable and doesn't interfere with my sleep.  The two bands together work better than a simple chin strap, and you have to experiment a small bit to find the placements that works for you.  But once you get it - it works!  Your mouth stays closed and your jaw is aligned comfortably, it is as simple as that.                                                         

Jerry V., Houston, Texas


There is one chinstrap that is notably different than the rest

There is one chinstrap that is notably different than the rest, Knightsbridge Dual Band Chinstrap, which pulls up instead of back.                                                         
Apneaboard.com Wiki, Masks/mouth breathing/chinstraps                             


It works better than any chin strap I've tried.

I've used CPAP for almost 20 years and have continually had problems with mouth leaks. I've tried several chin straps and all of them either slide out of position at night or uncomfortably pull my jaw back.  I've also tried mouth taping which just gets wet and comes loose at night.  I finally settled on using a soft cervical collar.  While it controlled mouth leaks it was not very comfortable.  When I saw the Knightsbridge Dual Band chin strap, I gave it a try.  It works much better than any chin strap I've tried and comfortably holds my mouth closed.  It controls leaks nearly as well as a collar and it is a lot more comfortable.

Benjamin N., Apple Valley, Minnesota


Love this product!  I can finally sleep again!

Wow, this product is great. The two bands really work to minimize force while still keeping my jaw closed. No mouth leaks for the first time in years! This is a very well-made product. I'm so glad I found it.
Verified CPAP.COM customer, California - Five star review


I'm speechless ... zero leakage!

The Knightsbridge Dual Band was comfortable.  It wasn't hot for me.  It is very well made and it's not hard to put on.  I slept as I normally do and woke up feeling well rested.  (That almost never happens for me.)  I downloaded my S9 Elite SD card to OSCAR.  I'm speechless.  I've never seen ZERO LEAKAGE for the entire period that I slept.  This is the first time since I started using Sleepyhead some long time ago!

Chinstraps have been a real problem for me.  I've had 15 or so over the years.  Some worked for a while.  Some never worked.  I had to pay for every one of them.  If I have to use all this stuff, it had better work.  Knightsbridge Dual Band: Hat's off to them!  I'm very grateful to have the Knightsbridge Dual Band.  It's priceless!
Dave L., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Nothing compares to the Knightsbridge

     I have been through about a dozen chin straps, and nothing compares to the Knightsbridge. It’s worth every penny.  The first night I slept with it was the first time I got a full 8 hours sleep in over a month. Thank you for making a great product! 
     It's simple to use, and is totally adjustable for all head sizes, with a little velcro strap in the back. The velcro on the straps and cap are very strong, and are of a generous width, so adjusting is easy. The cap is also well made, and holds up in a wash cycle quite well, but remember to affix the velcro pieces together, or they'll stick to your other laundry.
     Unlike other anti-snoring straps, this covers your entire scalp, evenly distributing the pressure. I wear mine with a BiPap mask, and it fits right over it without hassle. The straps hold my jaw SHUT while I sleep, and keeps air from my BiPap machine from escaping though my mouth, and keeps my mouth from drying out as well. 
Mike S., Tucson, AZ

More comfortable and functional than "traditional" chin straps

The Dual Band is a very good chin strap that's more comfortable and functional than "traditional" chin straps.  It holds my CPAP strapping in place, protecting against displacement caused by rubbing against the bedding.  Putting it on and adjusting it is easy.  It appears to have not only reduced mouth breathing but also reduced leakage in general.

Ian E., Townsville, Australia

Reduced my snoring problem significantly

The Dual Band chin strap has reduced my snoring problem significantly (according to my girlfriend). I have tried single band products (mostly made in China) but they were uncomfortable and didn't do the job.                                                         
Eyal Rubinstein, Ramat Gan, Israel


Full night's sleep without leakage.

Over the past ten years, I have used 4 different chin straps. All work satisfactory for the first few days, but all eventually allow my jaw to fall down to the point that the nasal pillow leaks. The Knightsbridge Dual Band prevents that from happening. I get a full night's deep sleep without any leakage from the nasal pillow. Unlike the other chin straps that do not have to be pulled apart between use, the Knightsbridge does, but putting it on is not at all difficult.
Verified CPAP.COM customer, Maryland - Five star review


Unique design., Thank you!

I am a physical therapist and fully aware of joint mechanics and I knew that your product should work due to its unique design. I would like to thank you because it exceeded my expectations and I have been able to sleep quite well for the past week and use my CPAP comfortably without hurting my Temporomandibular joint like other products out there. Thank you!

 Ahmad Behrouzi, Granger, Indiana


Fine Quality. Superb Design

Supreme Speed. Excellent packaging. Fine Quality. Best performance in Sleep Assist Gear. Superb design.